A person offers you help, a new tactic that has worked for them, a specially designed program that may help you, but instead of thinking about it, instead of researching it, you have already said no.  Why?

A walk down to the end of the street, NO.  A massage, NO.  A specially designed exercise program, NO.  A special diet, NO.  The Reason.  I already eat healthy, I don't like people touching me, I am in too much pain. 

What is the fear, what makes your answer NO, without first thinking about it. 

I remember people throwing everything out at me, and trust me there are some quack doctors out there (one actually gave me a list which included putting a lawn chair in the shower so I no longer had to stand in the shower), however before you have had the time to think about it, to decide if it is a good decision for you or not, you have already made the decision.

The biggest reason, excuse, explanation that I get for the NO answer is that I am in pain, people just do not understand that I am in pain and can't do anything.  The medications do not work, what you are currently does not work, but you do not want to try something that may work and ease the pain, because it can cause you pain.  YOU ARE ALREADY IN PAIN.  Worst thing that happens is that you try something, you are in pain still, maybe a little more pain, and you are to rest for the day.  What happens if it works, what happens if you feel something good? 

Lets not look at the negative the next time someone offers you a suggestion, next time look at it as it could possibly work.

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