When I was first diagnosed with Fibro, and until a year or two ago I did not take into consideration what the people around me were going through and how it affected them.  My spouse at the time had trouble for the first year of pain symptoms (before diagnosis) and thought I was faking it.  After a year, and then after diagnosis, he took it more seriously and it affected him in ways that I still do not know fully.  Although we are not together anymore, partially because of the Fibromyalgia (I believe), he was kind enough to fill out a Questionnaire for me, about what his thoughts were, are.  He has also been so kind to give me permission to share the Questionnaire. 

A sincere thank you to him.

Describe Fibromyalgia in your own words.

 Fibro in my own
  words – is an medical condition wear the patient is in severe pain, very tired
  and getting sleep is very annoying cause of the discomfort they are in. also
  depression and mental awareness and mood swings

Do you think Fibromyalgia is an actual condition, or a scapegoat for Doctors?

 I believe it’s an actual condition

Would you like an information session with a Doctor explaining in detail, Fibromyalgia? Including the  symptoms, what to expect, treatment options, and how it may affect your  life?  If you would like a session would you like the person diagnosed with Fibromyalgia present for the  session?

 Yes I would so I can better understand the condition and the person
Do you believe the doctors are helpful with the care of Fibromyalgia?  Please

 No a lot of doctors do not believe in this and do not
really care – it’s not always constant so they think it’s a make believe

Can the doctors do more?   Please explain.

 It’s tough to say if they can do more – because it’s not consistent , scan does not show until it
  happens to a lot more people I don’t think They will spend the time looking
  into it ‘
Do you believe the medication helps or hinders Fibromyalgia?  Please

 The personal experience the way the doctors do it by giving meds drugs etc.,, hinders this
  condition and if anything makes it worse and or even prolongs  The Fibro making the
  patient weaker, vulnerable and feeling useless that they cannot do anything for
  themselves or for anyone.

 Are you interested in alternative treatments?

How does Fibromyalgia affect your life?

 It has affected my life in many ways in which I will not disclose

How does Fibromyalgia affect your  family?

 How does Fibromyalgia affect the person diagnosed with Fibro?  explain both physical and

 It has affected this person in many ways in
which I will not disclose 
Do you believe you are of help?  Explain how.

At times I felt I was at help and other times no – I feel cause of the uncertainty that they
 would never come through this has changed their thoughts Feelings and
  emotional being. So help they would try to do on their own just to feel that
  they can and do not need any assistance and perform normal Everyday activities
  on their own.

What would be of help to the person who is diagnosed with

 Listening – being  there – help – rest – building confidence assuring them they will overcome this
  and be by their side – help them to do things on  there own to feel better about themselves and life in general. 

What would be of help to you and your family?

Would a Support Group be of help to you?  

Support group would not help me now cause I’m no longer with that person
  Please add any further information would like to share.

 The main goal is support and understanding and being there for the person cause they are going to go through a lot and try to feel what they are going through and assure them that they will get through
this cause no one else will listen to them because they think it’s a make up condition -

 Please add any additional questions you believe should be added to the

I will be posting responses from my other family members in the next week or so.  I hope this helps you to see their side as well.

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