Why a Life Coach, you have a doctor, if not multiple, you have your family and friends, a support system, why would you be in need of a Life Coach?

Very simple, not everyone is in need of one, not everyone benefits from working with a Life Coach, but some people do.

A doctor you go and see for medication renewals, check ups, to see if they can help medically with the pain, exhaustion, depletion of energy, depression, and so on.  In most cases the doctor does very little to what you are expecting or hoping for. 

A Life Coach, actually let me restate that, myself as a Life Coach (I cannot speak for other life coaches) is there to open yourself to new ideas, challenge your beliefs, step outside the box.  Imagine having someone who has experienced some of the same symptoms, pain, and daily obstacles as you, and willing to listen without judgement, challenging your fears, but their only goal to help you reach the life you aspire to.

Instead of waiting in a room for a doctor to give you something to survive, I want to help you see you are what you need to live, and assist you in achieving it.


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