Pain can take on a life of its own.  One that we do not expect, welcome, or want. 

Every person has a fear of change, some welcome it, and others run.  When you live in pain, it becomes the new comfort, the new safe zone.  The possibility of living without is a change, and is scary.  The possibility of living pain free, living a life you always dreamed, one not on the couch, not in pain, one without limitation. 

Has the limitation become your excuse?  If you are in pain you cannot reach for your dreams, and the possibility of failure is gone.  You have a reason to not do things that would normally take you out of your comfort zone, you have a reason to not attend events that you do not want to, and the one that I used to love you have the reason to say no without having to say the real truth.  The pain also becomes your new life, years of accommodating, years of changing, years of focus on the pain. 

The pain becomes your easy way out, and after years your new comfortable.  The pain also becomes a fear, what would you spend your days doing without?

Is the pain your new comfor?  Are you afraid of what to do without the pain?

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