Throughout the last couple of years I have come across many who  have challenged my diagnosis, said the Doctors were mistaken, and on the rare  occasion I mimicked the symptoms, all because I found a path for me that works  and allows me to the present time to live a pain free life.

Many are misdiagnosed with Fibro for various reasons, many use  self diagnosis to say they are living with Fibromyalgia (at no time should a  diagnosis of any syndrome or disease be done, only a diagnosis by a Medical Professional should be used).   Allow me to first explain my diagnosis (I would not normally do this, but  I do not want the emails asking who diagnosed me or how I was diagnosed).  I was diagnosed in 2006, after a year  of symptoms, by two separate Doctors, a Rheumatologist and a few months later a
Pain Specialist.  In 2009 I was then diagnosed again by a Psychiatrist who is also a Pain Specialist.  These three diagnosis’ were done in addition to my GPs.  
Now to the real reason why I am writing this blog entry.  When I was going through my  days of dealing with the daily pain (which would rival labour), I remember looking at my family, friends, and even Doctors and think you do not understand, how can you really support me?  You walk through your daily life without pain, not restricted, not in tears, not wishing for a single second to be able to breathe, move or think without pain.  You begin to resent, get angry, and at time entitled (for me at least). 
I turned to the online community, people who were experiencing what I was, people who could relate, and understand and hopefully even educate and help.  These people were wonderful, understanding, and provided me with information that was helpful.  In 2010 when I started to find my way to a pain free life (for now), the more frequent my status said “Good Days” fewer people would respond to me, even
when asked how they were.   I remember I changed my status to “Pain Free” the very first time and I was so  happy. When I saw messages in my inbox, I had thought they would be “are you joking, really you are pain free”,  “how”, “congrats”, instead I was greeted by“you should go back to the Dr. you
never had Fibro in the first place”.  Huh?  I was very confused. 

I went through more than anyone should go through (and yet I am not the worse sufferer out there), I went to places that I thought I would never see, I wasted (so I thought at the time) years of my life living
in pain, I gave up dreams, passed on experiences, pushed away friends and relationships, because of Fibro.  This was all negated because I no longer experienced this, I no longer sat in the house restricted by Fibro.  Why?  Is this any different than a child in school only playing with another child because he has the newest and latest game, and when it breaks or something newer comes out you stop playing with him? 

Every person diagnosed with Fibromyalgia experiences it in their own unique way, which in turn means that the way the individual chooses to manage it, treat it, and even quiet it is just as unique as their experience with Fibro.  When a success is found with Fibro (no success is small, all are great and powerful) it is to be celebrated by the community, shared (especially in the Medical world), and supported (whether it will or will not work for you). Any success whether it is or is not personal is still a success for the fight against Fibromyalgia.

Just because you do not see it or experience it does not mean it is not possible, or make that persons journey any less powerful, important or true.  

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