I started reading a book this weekend, and a few things from it made me think.  The book is "The Way Of The Herbs" authored by Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D. 

Throughout my fight with Chronic Pain, more specifically diet, all but 2 doctors neglected to tell me the importance of balance.  Obviously I was explained exercise, diet, and pacing, however that is not full balance.  The body has been tended to, but what about the mind and the soul?  Only 2 out of the many doctors I have had the pleasure of meeting brought the balance to my attention, and although the drugs, vitamins, herbs, dietary changes may offer some relief of the symptoms until the underlying cause of the disease is looked at, the actual disease will never be attended to.

I have a Doctor who helped me greatly to a pain free life.  In one of my first meetings with him, he explained to me 2 eye awakening tidbits.  First when Doctors are in medical school they are told that 50% of all they are taught will be useless, the question is who decides which information is usless?  The second and the most important, to me, that Doctors are taught to treat the symptom not the cause.  Now not all Doctors follow this practice, but far to many do, and many in the Chronic Pain area certainly do.  If you have a headache you are given a prescription, if you are in pain you are given a prescription, if you are depressed prescription, when is the cause looked at? 

Doctors, and the people who are living with the disease all need to take a look at what is happening mentally (past and present), spiritually, and physically not just the physical.  Should you not address an event that happened, a death, abuse, a loss, but instead "sweep it under the carpet" it does affect the balance of our bodies.  Very few will take notice unless something drastic comes into play, for many it is pain.

We need to heal ourselves on all aspects, and any type of assistance whether medical or natural, will not have the desired affect

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