When  I was diagnosed with Fibromyaglia, the first to the fourth time I was adamant it was anything but Fibro. The  research, the information provided, and all that I came across it all said the same thing I had been sentenced to a life filled with a varying degree of the symptoms that I was currently experiencing, which could turn to a debilitating
state.  Nothing offered anything  but temporary relief if you were lucky.   After all that I had to “look forward” to, denial was my best friend.

 It was not until my family doctor told me I had to accept this, I had to accept it was Fibromyalgia.  It compared it
to Diabetes.  People live and function normally with Diabetes, they just have to make a few changes.  Until I accepted that I had Fibromyalgia, there would be no improvement.  

I went home thinking “Ok you say I can live normally with Fibro, and it is simple.  Where are the solutions?  Tell me the changes that will let me live with Fibromyalgia.”  
It wasn’t until a few years later that I fully understood this.  Accepting that I have Fibromyalgia does not mean I am accepting the pain and additional symptoms that come with Fibromyalgia.  

This is a misunderstanding that I have come across many times with myself, and with others.

 When you were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, did you accept that you had Fibro, and if so, did your acceptance include the idea that you would be in some form of pain for the rest of your life?

 Your mind is one of your best weapons, but it can also be one of the biggest enemies.  The acceptance of pain
with Fibromyalgia is setting yourself up for failure.  All treatments you choose, medicinal, traditional, or alternative, will
never bring you great success, you have already told and accepted that you will always be in a varying degree of pain.

Part of Fibromyalgia and getting better is changing the way you think.   Releasing the negative for the positive.  Try this with acceptance.  

Accept  your diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, do not accept that sentence.   Accept your diagnosis and accept you will find the way that will lead you to the path of a Dormant State of Fibromyalgia.

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